Retail therapy from SMoochSG, MGG, and offline shopping;

Published April 17, 2012 by Noispollution

April has been a dry month so far, no thanks to fabulous launches and offline shopping. To put it nicely, it’s been an over-dosage of retail therapy lately. LOL! Excuses aside, I’ve been doing some window shopping with Stan at MBS and it’s tugging my heart-strings for the YSL clutch. Now that it’s OOS in Singapore, I can rest my mind (and wallet) on it temporarily.



SMooch Meet Me at 9 Dress in PurpleLilac
Just received this from my postbox :) speedy delivery it is! I got it in Size M, and it fits loosely on me. Not that I mind a single bit ‘cos I can wear it comfortably to work. The material is fabulous too, and the length is just right for me. Not my usual colour palette, but I guess this SMooch piece is a first then. :) Paired it with MYnt Shoppe Snowflake necklace. A keeper, yay!


Megagamie (MGG) Gipsy Boho Blouse in Purple
Tried this piece at KissJane previously, and I commented for it on the same night. Heh, another new colour to my wardrobe (purple)! I can foresee this piece to be my favourite wear for weekend, or Friday dress down day at work. The material is smooth, though it’s a little too big on me. I guess it can be worn tucked in to appear less baggy then. A keeper too, yay!


SMooch Tipped Collared Shirt in Cobalt Blue
A fab piece that came with an affordable price tag of S$24 mailed. It really resembles the Topshop piece, and I love the shade of this cobalt blue too! It’s not too bright, yet it stands out among navy based colours. The asymmetrical hem makes it even more unique than the normal collared blouse, and it could worn with pants for work days too. Hope to hunt down other colours now! :)


Offline loot;
Loving my new silk top from Pull & Bear :D it’s high-collared and super comfortable to wear in. The price tag was a little heartpain for me at S$50. LOL, but I think it will remain a staple in the wardrobe (provided I don’t put on weight that is)!


Ref: UK10, 168cm

Don’t hit me when I say that I’m getting a tad upset about the fats on my face -___- even Stan said I look like my baby fats are back to haunt me. Someone help to smack him please, but my sis and mom are saying that I should put on weight. Gotta keep the health in check first I say, especially since my gastric hasn’t been behaving lately. Back to essays again…

 xoxo, Noi

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